Espresso Machine Rentals

Monthly Espresso Machine Rentals from $264.00 including GST

50% rebate available for 8 kilos per month usage

75% rebate available for 8 kilos per week usage

100% rebate available for 12 kilos per week usage

Initial cost:

1) Delivery and Installation - $165.00 incl. GST

(2) Monthly Rental Advance by Credit Card

(3) Any Coffee from our range (minimum 8 kgs)


Photocopy of Driverís Licence 

Photocopy of Business Registration 

Photocopy of Insurance Policy

Contract to be signed

Credit Card Payment for initial cost

"Monthly Credit Card Authority form to be completed & signed

*Rentals used for business purposes are

Tax deductible*










Short term machine rentals delivered to East Coast Metro areas only from $389.00

For all other areas, price on application

Please contact us for more information

Short term coffee machine & grinder rental for school, office and private functions is:

Coffee Machine Rental is $99.00 per day +

$33.00 per additional day  +

   Delivery, Installation and Pick up $165.00 +

5 kilo box of Sienna Supreme coffee $125.00 

Coffee cart may be available on request.

Advance notice must be given if required.