Rancilio MD Series Grinder

Rancilio MD 50 Grinder

This grinder is equipped with a powerful electric motor operating at low speed, in order to avoid an excessive heating of the coffee and to fully maintain taste and flavour. This grinder is strong and reliable, and is designed for long-life operation at a very low maintenance cost.  They are available in stainless steel body cover with painted black details. 

Price:  Rancilio MD 40 Grinder: 2.5-3.5 kg/hour capacity, manual on/off - not currently available

Rancilio MD 50 AT Grinder: 7-9 kg/hour capacity, automatic on/off - $1080 including GST (Australian Dollars) - not currently available

Rancilio MD 80 Grinder: 12-14 kg/hour capacity, automatic on/off - not currently available

**Please email us regarding availability if enquiring and prior to placing order**